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Established by the Harvey family in 1992, Harvey Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina. Focused on proven results and satisfied customers, Harvey Pest Control uses safe and environmentally-friendly products to eliminate pests and relieve your frustrations.

Getting rid of your pests should be easy so we offer options that ensure your safety, puts you at ease, and contributes to the local economy. With our patented “Go Green” solutions for pest control, we are confident you’ll find everything you want with Harvey Pest Control!




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What We Do


Fleas and Ticks can cause endless amounts of frustration and annoyance for any homeowner, especially those with pets. The South is renowned for its risk of flea and tick problems due to the hot and humid climate, but Harvey Pest Control is more than prepared to help you manage the problem.


Ants are social insects that live in colonies which are usually found in the ground, but will enter buildings for shelter and/or food. Ants can become a real problem in your home because they feed on practically every kind of food, especially sweets and protein-containing substances.


Spiders can enter a home from loose screens, cracks under the doors, and other openings looking for warmth, food, or a mate. While most are nothing more than a nuisance, some spiders—like the brown recluse and black widow— are particularly dangerous


Rats, silverfish, bats, birds, opossums, raccoons, snakes, and squirrels are all various pests and wildlife that Harvey Pest Control has proven methods to repel, control, and keep your family safe. Securing your home from unwanted visitors (of the animal variety) is our top priority.


Finding one roach means a big problem is festering. Eliminating the threat of roaches can be difficult, especially once they have started to multiply, but with the help of the skilled exterminators at Harvey Pest Control, your home can become roach free.


Bed bugs cause serious problems if they aren’t treated quickly. Bed bugs reach full maturity in 35 days and live on average 7-12 months. Their fast maturity and long life cycle can make these pests hard to remove without professional help.


Our removal methods use non-invasive chemicals that are environmentally-friendly and safe for your family.



Give us a call or email us at HarveyPestControl@yahoo.com.